Determination of platinum-palladium micro inclusions in polymetallic ores by means of digital gamma-activation autoradiography

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It has been demonstrated that digital gamma-activation autoradiography is an effective method for detection of platinum-palladium micro inclusions in the copper-nickel polymetallic ores of complex composition. Just two measurements of the samples (after irradiation and a week of cooling) are enough for contrast detection of such inclusions. To extend the method capabilities, a procedure of treatment of a set of the images obtained while cooling the samples has been developed. The procedure permits control of the inclusions composition and estimation of the main components ratio. It has been stated that gamma-activation autoradiography is highly suitable method for screening detection of inclusions in geological samples and it is quite reasonable to combine with scanning electron microscopy or X-ray microprobe techniques for further detailed investigations of the found inclusions peculiarities.

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