Neutron activation analysis of pure uranium: Preconcentration of impurity elements

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We have developed a radiochemical neutron activation analysis technique (RNAA) of pure uranium with using extraction chromatographic separation of 239Np from impurity elements in TBP-6M HNO3 media. The estimation of influence of fission products of 235U on the results by radiochemical neutron activation analysis has been carried out. For it we have performed NAA with preconcentration of impurity elements. Experiments show that in this case the apparent concentration of Y, Zr, Mo, Cs, La, Ce, Pr, Nd exceeds the true concentration by 2500–3000 times. Therefore, determination of these elements is not possible by RNAA. This technique allowed to use the determination of 26 impurity elements with detection limit 10−5–10−9% by mass. This developed technique may be used for the determination of impurities in uranium and its compounds.

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