Extraction of americium(III) and europium(III) using a gamma pre-irradiated solution of N,N'-dimethyl-N,N'-dibutyltetradecyl malonamide in n-dodecane modified with N,N'-dihexyloctanamide

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The extraction of Am(III) and Eu(III) using a γ-pre-irradiated N,N'-dimethyl-N,N'-dibutyltetradecyl malonamide (DMDBTDMA) modified with N,N'-dihexyloctanamide (DHOA) in n-dodecane (NDD) at 4.5M HNO3 has been studied as a function of the absorbed dose up to 2×106 Gray. The distribution ratios of Am(III) and Eu(III) were almost constant until a dose of 1×105 Gray and then they decreased gradually up to a dose of 2×106 Gray. The decrease of the distribution ratios of Am(III) and Eu(III) are due to the decreasing concentration of the DMDBTDMA by a γ-pre-irradiation and these results were supported by a determination of the DMDBTDMA concentration with a gas chromatography method. The distribution ratios of Am(III), Eu(III), Ce, Nd and Y with γ-pre-irradiated (DMDBTDMA-DHOA)/NDD have also been studied as a function of the nitric acid concentration and the extraction temperature.

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