Studies on bio-accumulation of 51Cr by Piper nigrum

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The present study is performed to examine the accumulation efficiency of 51Cr(III) and 51Cr(VI) by the alkaloid piperine, derived from the fruits of Piper nigrum (Family Piperaceae) as well as using the fruit commonly known as black pepper by radiometric technique. The pH dependence and the effect of the concentration of chromium on the accumulation have also been examined. The maximum accumulation (52%) of Cr(III) is found by black pepper at pH 4 whereas piperine shows slight accumulation at this condition. Accumulation of Cr(VI) by black pepper is always negligible. It has also been observed that some other constituents of the black pepper like gum, terpenoid, etc., besides piperine is responsible for the accumulation of chromium.

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