Solubility of neptunium oxide in the KURT (KAERI Underground Research Tunnel) groundwater

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The solubilities of NpO2(s) in the KURT (KAERI Underground Research Tunnel) granitic groundwater with low ionic strength were measured experimentally and calculated by a geochemical code. Then these results were compared with each other as well as with foreign results. The concentrations of neptunium were measured as 6·10−8−2·10−8 mol/L at a pH = 9.5–11.1 and Eh = −0.2 V, and less than 5·10−9 mol/L at a pH = 11.8–13.0 and Eh = −0.3–0.44 V. The dominant aqueous species were presumed as Np(OH)x(CO3)y4−x−2y complexes and Np(OH)4(aq) at pH = 9.5–13 under the Eh<−0.2 V reducing condition.

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