Thermodynamics of neptunium(V) complexes with phosphate at elevated temperatures

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The complexation of Np(V) with phosphate at elevated temperatures was studied by a synergistic extraction method. A mixed buffer solution of TRIS and MES was used to maintain an appropriate pH value during the distribution experiments. The distribution ratio of Np(V) between the organic and aqueous phases was found to decrease as the concentrations of phosphate were increased. Stability constants of the 1:1 and 1:2 Np(V)-HPO42− complexes, dominant in the aqueous phase under the experimental conditions, were calculated from the effect of [HPO42−] on the distribution ratio. The thermodynamic parameters including enthalpy and entropy of complexation between Np(V) and HPO42− at 25 °C–55 °C were calculated by the temperature coefficient method.

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