Lateral internal sphincterotomy is not redundant in the era of glyceryl trinitrate therapy for chronic anal fissure

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Lateral internal sphincterotomy has been the standard treatment for chronic anal fissure, but fissure healing rates of up to 80% with topical glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) treatment have suggested that this operation may become redundant. We evaluated the results of topical treatment of chronic anal fissures with 0.2% GTN for 6 weeks in the outpatient clinical setting, outside the confines of a randomized clinical trial. The role of lateral internal sphincterotomy in the GTN era was also assessed.

GTN induced fissure healing in 21 of 49 consecutive patients. Fissures healed spontaneously in 2 patients who discontinued GTN because of headache. Lateral internal sphincterotomy was performed in 26 patients who had persistent symptoms after 6 weeks of GTN therapy. At the 6-week post-sphincterotomy review, all fissures had healed and there were no complications.

In this study topical GTN for treatment of chronic anal fissure in the outpatient setting was not as effective as demonstrated in controlled clinical trials. Lateral internal sphincterotomy is still a good therapeutic option, especially in patients not responding to GTN.

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