Late presentation of canine nasal tumours in a UK referral hospital and treatment outcomes

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To determine the computed tomographic stage of dogs with nasal tumours in a UK referral population, and whether stage, time to referral and treatment correlates with outcome.


Retrospective review of clinical records and computed tomography scans of dogs with nasal tumours.


Dogs (n=78) presented to a referral practice in the UK with suspected nasal tumours are presented with more late stage tumours than dogs in the USA and Japan. Length of time from initial presentation to referral did not correlate with tumour stage at diagnosis. Median survival times for radiotherapy-treated dogs in this population are equivalent to those previously reported for late stage nasal tumours.

Clinical Significance:

Dogs with nasal tumours are presented late in the course of disease in the North West of England. Dogs with clinical signs consistent with a nasal tumour should have timely imaging and biopsy, in order to make prompt treatment decisions. Although survival times are comparable with previous reports and radiotherapy is a valid treatment option for dogs with late stage disease, better outcomes are likely to be achievable with earlier treatment.

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