Duplicated ectopic ureter in a nine-year-old Labrador

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A nine-year-old male neutered Labrador retriever presented with a history of chronic urinary tract infections and occasional dribbling of urine. Abdominal ultrasound showed changes suggestive of a left ectopic ureter. A pneumocystogram revealed an air-filled distended tubular and tortuous structure extending from the region of the prostatic urethra to the left kidney, consistent with an ectopic ureter. Intravenous urography depicted the presence of an additional left ureter with only slightly larger diameter than the right and with normal insertion in the bladder neck. A duplicated ectopic left ureter was suspected and confirmed during surgery. To the authors’ knowledge, this is the first description of a duplicated ectopic ureter in the canine species. The combination of ultrasound and contrast radiography was important to reach the diagnosis.

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