Direct Synthesis of Bi-2212 by Thermal Decomposition of Salt Precursors

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Thermal decomposition of freeze-dried nitrate precursors with cation ratio Bi:Pb:Sr:Ca:Cu = 1.8:0.4:2:2:3 resulted in formation of the Bi-2212 phase within 10 min of thermal treatment at 860°C. The key features of the process are fast heating rate during decomposition, high chemical homogeneity of precursor, and prevention of melting of the copper nitrate by additional thermal dehydration at 100–120°C. The reactivity of the (Bi,Pb)-2223 precursor obtained this way can be further enhanced by heat treatment at reduced P(O2). Analysis of the processes occurring during this treatment shows that the redistribution of Pb between eutectic mixtures of cuprates and (Bi,Pb)-2212 is a possible reason for reactivity enhancement.

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