Influence of Different Methods to Determine Maximum Heart Rate on Training Load Outcomes in Basketball Players

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Berkelmans, DM, Dalbo, VJ, Fox, JL, Stanton, R, Kean, CO, Giamarelos, KE, Teramoto, M, and Scanlan, AT. Influence of different methods to determine maximum heart rate on training load outcomes in basketball players. J Strength Cond Res 32(11): 3177–3185, 2018—The summated-heart-rate-zones (SHRZ) approach uses heart rate (HR) responses relative to maximum HR (HRmax) to calculate the internal training load (TL). Age-predicted, test-derived, and session-based approaches have all been used to determine HRmax in team sports. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of using age-predicted, test-derived, and session-based HRmax responses on SHRZ TL in basketball players. Semiprofessional, male basketball players (N = 6) were analyzed during the preparatory training phase. Six age-based approaches were used to predict HRmax including Fox (220 − age); Hossack (206 − [0.567 × age]); Tanaka (208 − [0.7 × age]); Nikolaidis (223 − [1.44 × age]); Nes (211 − [0.64 × age]); and Faff (209.9 − [0.73 × age]). Test-derived HRmax was taken as the highest HR during the Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test (Yo-Yo IRT), whereas session-based HRmax was taken as the higher HR seen during the Yo-Yo IRT or training sessions. Comparisons in SHRZ TL were made at group and individual levels. No significant group differences were evident between SHRZ approaches. Effect size analyses revealed moderate (d = 0.60–0.79) differences between age-predicted, test-derived, and session-based methods across the group and individually in 2 players. The moderate differences between approaches suggest age-predicted, test-derived, and session-based methods to determine HRmax are not interchangeable when calculating SHRZ. Basketball practitioners are encouraged to use individualized HRmax directly measured during field-based tests supplemented with higher HR responses evident during training sessions and games when calculating the SHRZ TL to ensure greatest accuracy.

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