High-throughput crystallization-to-structure pipeline at RIKEN SPring-8 Center

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A high-throughput crystallization-to-structure pipeline for structural genomics was recently developed at the Advanced Protein Crystallography Research Group of the RIKEN SPring-8 Center in Japan. The structure determination pipeline includes three newly developed technologies for automating X-ray protein crystallography: the automated crystallization and observation robot system “TERA”, the SPring-8 Precise Automatic Cryosample Exchanger “SPACE” for automated data collection, and the Package of Expert Researcher's Operation Network “PERON” for automated crystallographic computation from phasing to model checking. During the 5 years following April, 2002, this pipeline was used by seven researchers to determine 138 independent crystal structures (resulting from 437 purified proteins, 234 cryoloop-mountable crystals, and 175 diffraction data sets). The protocols used in the high-throughput pipeline are described in this paper.

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