Influence of Preparation Conditions on Crystallization Behavior of the Complex Alkoxide Derived PbTiO3 Powder

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PbTiO3 powders were prepared by hydrolysis of the complex alkoxide derived from Pb(OCOCH3)2 and Ti(OCH2CH3)4, and their crystallization behaviors were investigated by DTA. Influence of conditions of synthesis and hydrolysis of the Pb-Ti complex alkoxide and heating atmosphere on crystallization behavior of powder was examined.Powders consisting of spherical particles with submicron diameter could be obtained by using the reaction time over 16 hr for synthesis, and the use of acetone-ethanol solvent with ammonia catalyst for the hydrolysis of the complex alkoxide. The resultant powders crystallized to tetragonal PbTiO3 perovskite above 250°C under O2 flow, and then transformed to cubic perovskite at 490°C. The powder heated at 250°C for 1 hr in O2 consisted of well-crystallized tetragonal perovskite crystals of cubic shape of 0.2 to 1 µm in size.

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