Bonding Strengths of Titania Sol-Gel Derived Coatings on Titanium

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Bioactive ceramic coatings have had poor adhesion to substrate. In this study, the bond strength (tensile strength) of titania gel coating to titanium substrate was studied. In the experiments three different pretreatments were used, namely sodium hydroxide corroding, plasma cleaning and titanium nitride coating. Also the effects of heating temperature, heating in vacuum and titanium surface roughness were studied. The sol properties were altered with valeric acid addition. Samples were analysed by SEM-EDX, AES, AFM and tested by bond strength gauge. Those samples in which the titanium surface was precorroded one hour in sodium hydroxide, predeposited by titanium nitride or ground improved the bonding strengths of titania coatings to over 24 MPa. In these samples a fracture occurred at the glue-coating interface.

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