All Sol-Gel Electrochromic Devices with Li+ Ionic Conductor, WO3 Electrochromic Films and SnO2 Counter-Electrode Films

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This paper reports on the development of all sol-gel EC devices, having the configuration WO3/ormolyte/SnO2:Mo, WO3/ormolyte/SnO2:Sb and WO3/ormolyte/SnO2:Sb:Mo, where all three internal layers, including the ionically conductive inorganic-organic hybrid (ormolyte), are prepared via the sol-gel route. The electrochemical and optical properties of EC devices are presented and their cycling stability and reversibility of their optical modulation assessed. The transmission modulation of the devices depends on the thickness of the active electrochromic, counter-electrode and ormolyte layer. The electrochemical and optical properties of individual films and the structural properties of the ormolyte are described and correlated with the stability of the all sol-gel EC devices.

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