Synthesis of Ultrafine SiC Powders from Carbon-Silica Hybridized Precursors with Carbothermic Reduction

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Inorganic-organic hybrid gels were prepared by simultaneous condensation of the liquid mixture of ethyl silicate, ethyl borate and water soluble phenol resin with low molecular weight. The liquid mixtures were changed into lightly colored transparent gels after a catalyst addition and stirring. The obtained gels were crushed, dried and fired in controlled conditions to yield the inorganic precursors. Since the tailored inorganic precursors mainly consisted of SiO2 and carbon, silicon carbide was formed with the heat treatments in an Ar atmosphere beyond 1773 K with carbothermic reduction. The properties and morphology of the formed silicon carbide powders in terms of the starting precursor compositions and the conditions of the carbothermic reduction were investigated with SEM, XRD and TG-DTA analysis.

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