Penile Prosthesis Pump Tubing Erosion into Urethra Appearing as Inability to Catheterize: A Case Report

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Erosion of penile prosthesis tubing represents a late complication of penile prosthesis surgery. To our knowledge, this is the first report of isolated erosion of penile implant pump tubing into the urethra in an otherwise asymptomatic patient. The patient had no signs of infection or erosion and no voiding complaints. His only problem was that his urinary catheter was not able to be placed during his vascular surgery procedure.


Patient with a 5-year history of erectile dysfunction refractory to therapy with PDE5 inhibitors, injection therapy, and vacuum erection device therapy underwent placement of an Alpha-1 Mentor inflatable penile prosthesis. The patient underwent femoral-popliteal bypass at month 21, and during the procedure, the vascular service was unable to place a urinary catheter. Erosion of the tubing from his penile prosthesis was then noted at approximately the junction between the membranous and bulbar urethra.


Patient was without signs of infection and had no voiding complaints. These findings were discovered because of the inability to place a urinary catheter for his femoral-popliteal bypass. Diagnosis was made by flexible cystoscopy.


No evidence of infection was noted on examination, and the patient was otherwise asymptomatic. Diagnosis can be made by flexible cystoscopy. Subsequent removal of the penile implant was curative.

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