Orgasmic Headache Treated with Nimodipine

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Orgasmic headache (OH) is a sudden and severe headache that occurs at the time of or shortly after an orgasm.


We present the case of typical primary headache associated with sexual activity, especially during an orgasmic period.


A 34-year-old man complained of sudden and severe headache during sexual activity, or orgasmic period, for 2 months. The headache developed abruptly with an orgasm and then decreased shortly over a period of 4˜8 hours.


Magnetic resonance angiography revealed severe spasm of the M1 segment of both the middle cerebral arteries. He was treated with oral nimodipine (30 mg every 8 hours), which alleviated the headache and prevented its recurrence.


We postulated a pathophysiological relationship between OH and migraine, especially with respect to vasoconstriction, and believe that in such cases, nimodipine may be an effective therapy. Lee JW, Ha YS, Park SC, Seo IY, and Lee HS. Orgasmic headache treated with nimodipine. J Sex Med 2013;10:1893–1896.

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