Basic Science Evidence for the Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiometabolic Dysfunction

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Although clinical evidence supports an association between cardiovascular/metabolic diseases (CVMD) and erectile dysfunction (ED), scientific evidence for this link is incompletely elucidated.


This study aims to provide scientific evidence for the link between CVMD and ED.


In this White Paper, the Basic Science Committee of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America assessed the current literature on basic scientific support for a mechanistic link between ED and CVMD, and deficiencies in this regard with a critical assessment of current preclinical models of disease.


A link exists between ED and CVMD on several grounds: the endothelium (endothelium-derived nitric oxide and oxidative stress imbalance); smooth muscle (SM) (SM abundance and altered molecular regulation of SM contractility); autonomic innervation (autonomic neuropathy and decreased neuronal-derived nitric oxide); hormones (impaired testosterone release and actions); and metabolics (hyperlipidemia, advanced glycation end product formation).


Basic science evidence supports the link between ED and CVMD. The Committee also highlighted gaps in knowledge and provided recommendations for guiding further scientific study defining this risk relationship. This endeavor serves to develop novel strategic directions for therapeutic interventions. MusickiB,BellaAJ,BivalacquaTJ,DaviesKP,DiSantoME,Gonzalez-CadavidNF,HannanJL,KimNN,PodlasekCA,WingardCJ, andBurnettAL. Basic science evidence for the link between erectile dysfunction and cardiometabolic dysfunction.J SexMed 2015;12:2233–2255.

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