Thermochemistry of Aqueous Solutions of Alkylated Nucleic Acid Bases. X. Enthalpies of Hydration of Cytosine and some Methylated, Hydroxy and Methoxy Derivatives of Cytosine

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Enthalpies of solution in water, vapor pressures, and enthalpies of sublimation were determined for cytosine and a number of crystalline derivatives of cytosine: 1-methylcytosine, 1-methyl-N4-hydroxycytosine, 1,5-methyl-N4-methoxycytosine, 1,N4,N4-trimethylcytosine, 1,5,N4-trimethylcytosine, 1,5-dimethyl-N4-methoxycytosine, and l,N4-dimethyl-5-ethylcytosine. Enthalpies of hydration were calculated. The latter were analyzed on the basis of the group additivity method. The relation between enthalpy of hydration and polarity of compounds is discussed.

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