Voltammetric Analysis of Iodide and Diffusion Coefficients Between 25 and 85°C

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The oxidation wave of iodide in 0.075 mol-L−1 H2SO4 was analyzed at 25, 40, 55, 70, and 85°C. The reversibility of the I2/I− system was checked using logarithmic transforms, half-wave potentials, and by studying I−1 = f(ω−1/2). The limiting currents obtained enabled us to determine the diffusion coefficient of I− using Newman's equation. These experimental results were compared with Nernst's limiting values. The Stokes–Einstein equation is not verified. Hydration numbers for I− at different temperatures were established. An empirical equation is proposed to predict the evolution of diffusion coefficients in a sulfuric acid medium with temperature.

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