Equilibrium in Saturated Ca(OH): Parameters and Dissociation Constants2: Parameters and Dissociation Constants Solutions: Parameters and Dissociation Constants

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A new computer program has been developed for the calculation of pH, pOH, hydroxide ion concentration mOH, species distribution coefficients αi, ionic activity coefficients γi ionic strength I, buffer capacity β, solubility product Ks0, and the two dissociation constants, Kb1 and Kb2, corresponding, respectively, to first and second dissociation steps of Ca(OH)2 in aqueous solution. Previously developed methodology, for the calculation of pH, αi, γiI, and β parameters of pH buffer solutions, starting from the corresponding acidity constants, has been adapted for the case of aqueous Ca(OH)2 solutions, for which the pertinent stoichiometric relationships are different from those applicable to mixtures of acids and their salts. The results show that, contrary to what is currently assumed, the first dissociation is far from complete. Values are given for the concentrations and activities of species Ca(OH)2(aq), Ca(OH)+(aq), and Ca2+ (aq) in saturated calcium hydroxide solutions at 25°C.

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