Heats of Mixing of Aqueous Solutions of Alkali Metal Salts of Substituted Benzenesulfonic Acids

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The enthalpy change on mixing aqueous solutions of substituted benzene sulfonic acids and their salts, with salts having a common cation or anion, were measured at constant total ionic strength and at 25°C. The results are qualitatively interpreted in terms of solute–water structural properties and the ion size effect. The heat effects of mixing solutions having common anions obey the sign rule of Young and Smith. In anion–common cation mixings at concentration of 0.5 mol-kg−1 only exothermic heat effects were observed, whose magnitude increase with the increasing difference in size of the mixed anions. The magnitude of the mixing effect increased with the salt concentration in cation–common anion mixing processes, In anion–common cation mixings the enthalpy of mixing changes sign from negative to positive, indicating a predominantly endothermic effect as concentration increases.

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