A Third Evaluation of Tertiary Cytoreduction

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To evaluate the impact of tertiary cytoreductive surgery (TCS) on patient survival and to determine predictors of optimal TCS.


Twenty patients with recurrent epithelial ovarian carcinoma who had TCS at Hacettepe University Hospital during 1992-2004 were retrospectively reviewed.


Tertiary cytoreductive attempt was successful (optimal defined as <2 cm residual) in 12 patients and suboptimal in the remaining eight patients. Seven patients had no macroscopic residual, five patients had <2 cm gross residual and remaining 8 patients had >2 cm gross residual disease. Of these alive patients, 10 patients were alive with metastatic disease and only three patients were alive without any evidence of disease. Three patients had operative morbidity (15%), all of which were mild-moderate degree. Multivariate analysis could not differentiate a unique significant factor to have a possible predictor effect of optimal TCS. Multivariate survival analysis also could not differentiate any factor to have significant effect upon patient survival, neither the outcomes of primary, secondary or tertiary cytoreductive surgeries nor the usage of preoperative or postoperative chemotherapies.


TCS may not be helpful for patient survival. Neither of the clinical factors predicted an optimal TCS. Further larger series are needed for a definite conclusion.

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