Sagittal Plane Analysis of Selective Posterior Thoracic Spinal Fusion in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis: A Comparison Study of All Pedicle Screw and Hybrid Instrumentation

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To compare sagittal profiles of selective posterior thoracic instrumentation with segmental pedicle screws instrumentation and hybrid (hook and pedicle screw).

Summary of Background Data:

Nowadays, thoracic screws are considered more effective than other constructs in spinal deformity correction and have become the treatment in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis surgery. However, recent research found that this enhanced correction ability may sacrifice sagittal balance. As lumbar lordosis is dependent upon thoracic kyphosis (TK), it has been important to maintain TK magnitude in selective thoracic fusions to keep balance. There is no sagittal measurement analysis between the hybrid and all-screw constructs type in cases of selective thoracic fusion.

Materials and Methods:

All adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (Lenke1) patients surgically treated in our department between 2003 and 2008 were reviewed. Radiographs of these patients, whose preoperative, immediately postoperative, and minimum 2-year follow-up after selective thoracic fusion (lower instrumented vertebrae not lower than L1, hybrid group the pedicle screw instrumentation not higher than T10) were evaluated, 21 patients underwent posterior hybrid instrumentation and 21 underwent pedicle screw instrumentation.


No significant difference in sagittal profiles was observed between the 2 groups. At final follow-up, the proximal junctional measurement has a minor increase in both the groups. TK (T5–T12) also increased (+2.0 degrees of increase in hybrid group vs. +3.9 degrees of increase in the pedicle screw group). The effect of different instrumentation in changing TK at various time points between 2 groups was statistic different (P=0.004). Lumbar lordosis (L1–L5) was increased in both the groups. No significant changes in distal junctional measurement and thoracolumbar junction were noted. The C7 sagittal plumbline remained negative in both the groups at the final follow-up.


There was no statistically significant difference comparing the sagittal alignment parameter of pedicle screw and hybrid constructs except for selective TK correction have differences. If used properly, both kinds of instrumentation could result in acceptable sagittal profiles when selective thoracic fusions were performed.

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