2D Ising Model with Layers of Quenched Spins

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The model considered is a d=2 disordered Ising system on a square lattice with nearest neighbor interaction. The disorder is induced by layers (rows) of spins, randomly located, which are frozen in an antiferromagnetic order. It is assumed that all the vertical couplings take the same positive value Jh, while all the horizontal couplings take the same positive value Jh. The model can be exactly solved and the free energy is given as a simple explicit expression. The zero-temperature entropy can be positive because of the frustration due to the competition between antiferromagnetic alignment induced by the quenched layers and ferromagnetic alignment due to the positive couplings. No phase transition is found at finite temperature if the layers of frozen spins are independently distributed, while for correlated disorder one finds a low-temperature phase with some glassy properties.

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