On the Phase Diagram of the Random Field Ising Model on the Bethe Lattice

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The ferromagnetic Ising model on the Bethe lattice of degree k is considered in the presence of a dichotomous external random field ξx = ±α and the temperature T ≥ 0. We give a description of a part of the phase diagram of this model in the T − α plane, where we are able to construct limiting Gibbs states and ground states. By comparison with the model with a constant external field we show that for all realizations ξ = {ξx = ±α} of the external random field: (i) the Gibbs state is unique for T > Tc (k ≥ 2 and any α) or for α > 3 (k = 2 and any T); (ii) the ±-phases coexist in the domain {T < Tc, α ≤ HF(T)}, where Tc is the critical temperature and HF(T) is the critical external field in the ferromagnetic Ising model on the Bethe lattice with a constant external field. Then we prove that for almost all ξ: (iii) the ±-phases coexist in a larger domain{T < Tc, α ≤HF(T) + ε(T)}, where ε(T)>0; and (iv) the Gibbs state is unique for 3≥α≥2 at any T. We show that the residual entropy at T = 0 is positive for 3≥α≥2, and we give a constructive description of ground states, by so-called dipole configurations.

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