Extremal Theory for Spectrum of Random Discrete Schrödinger Operator. I. Asymptotic Expansion Formulas

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We consider the spectral problem for the random Schrödinger operator on the multidimensional lattice torus increasing to the whole of lattice, with an i.i.d. potential (Anderson Hamiltonian). We obtain the explicit almost sure asymptotic expansion formulas for the extreme eigenvalues and eigenfunctions in the intermediate rank case, provided the upper distributional tails of potential decay at infinity slower than the double exponential function. For the fractional-exponential tails (including Weibull's and Gaussian distributions), extremal type limit theorems for eigenvalues are proved, and the strong influence of parameters of the model on a specification of normalizing constants is described. In the proof we use the finite-rank perturbation arguments based on the cluster expansion for resolvents.

The results of our paper illustrate a close connection between extreme value theory for spectrum and extremal properties of i.i.d. potential. On the other hand, localization properties of the corresponding eigenfunctions give an essential information on long-time intermittency for the parabolic Anderson model.

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