Strong-Disorder Paramagnetic-Ferromagnetic Fixed Point in the Square-Lattice ±J Ising Model

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We consider the random-bond ±J Ising model on a square lattice as a function of the temperature T and of the disorder parameter p (p=1 corresponds to the pure Ising model). We investigate the critical behavior along the paramagnetic-ferromagnetic transition line at low temperatures, below the temperature of the multicritical Nishimori point at Tast;=0.9527(1), past;=0.89083(3). We present finite-size scaling analyses of Monte Carlo results at two temperature values, T≈0.645 and T=0.5. The results show that the paramagnetic-ferromagnetic transition line is reentrant for TTast;. Our results for the critical exponents are consistent with the hyperscaling relation 2β/ν−η=d−2=0.

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