Latinas and Intergenerational Caregiving: An Integrative Review of the Literature

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Background: Identifying gaps in the literature regarding Puerto Rican childbearing women and intergenerational caregiving will facilitate future nursing practice and research regarding the amelioration of poor maternal–fetal outcomes. Method: A literature search using PubMed and CINAHL, sensitized by Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological-Environmental Model on Latinas and intergenerational caregiving, generated 18 peer-reviewed research articles (2009-2014) for analysis. Results: Categories and themes included the following: Latinas are the primary caregivers within their families and communities; caregiving is described; however, none of the studies classified caregiving as intergenerational and none sought to understand the overall impact on Latinas simultaneously caring for other members of their caregiving networks. Conclusion: Gaps in the literature need to be addressed to facilitate design of health care programs to address disparities and increase supports for childbearing Latinas involved in intergenerational caregiving who are at risk for higher incidences of challenging life experiences.

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