Theoretical Perspectives on Issues and Interventions Related to Migrant Resettlement in Canada

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International migration has increased at a significant rate over the past several decades as many migrants relocate in the hope of finding better living conditions. Unfortunately, not all migrants realize their dreams but instead find themselves in poor living conditions and are less satisfied with their health and well-being. The purpose of this article is to explore the factors that influence the integration of migrants into a new culture through two theoretical lenses: transitions theory and acculturation theory. The authors propose that acculturation and transition are influenced by factors at both the societal and individual level and therefore interventions aimed at promoting successful integration should be focused at both those levels. This article adds a new perspective to the migrant health framework and offers a new approach for researchers, clinicians, and program developers. The overall health and well-being of migrants may improve by focusing on individual factors that contribute to successful settlement through predeparture or early arrival preparation programs.

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