“The Good Ole’ Girls’ Nursing Club”: The Male Student Perspective

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Background: Diversity in nursing remains limited with little progress made in the recruitment of males. The purpose of this research was to garner the male nursing students’ perspectives of their lived experiences while enrolled in their undergraduate program. Method: A phenomenological group focus approach was utilized with male nursing students regarding their lived experiences of what factors support or negate their being successful in completing a nursing program. Results: Four themes were interpreted: exclusion, gender bias, career expectations, and acceptance. Exclusion and gender bias were seen as negative impact factors, while career expectations was both a motivating factor and a negating factor. Acceptance was interpreted as an important positive factor. Conclusion: A call for change to the profession of nursing from a culture of the “good ole’ girls’ nursing club” to one of “great nurses from both genders and all ethnicities” is critical for the future growth of the profession.

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