Designing an eHealth Breastfeeding Resource With Indigenous Families Using a Participatory Design

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Introduction: The traditional practice of breastfeeding has been negatively affected by the historical trauma experienced by the Canadian Indigenous community. Culturally relevant information and support should be created to enable the communities to reclaim this traditionally revered infant feeding method. The objective of this participatory design study was to work in partnership with Indigenous communities to create an eHealth breastfeeding resource for Indigenous families. Methodology: In partnership with Indigenous mothers and care providers in Ontario, Canada, an eHealth breastfeeding resource was designed based on their recommendations. Once the new resource was created, it was evaluated by additional Indigenous mothers. Results: The participants indicated the resource was culturally relevant and that they liked the content and design. Discussion: Using a participatory design when creating services and programs in partnership with Indigenous communities ensures the creation of resources that meet their needs, are culturally relevant, and align with cultural beliefs.

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