Combined aortic root replacement and mitral valve surgery: The quest to preserve both valves

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Coexisting aortic root and mitral valve pathology is increasingly recognized among patients undergoing surgery. We characterized the pathology and surgical outcomes of patients with combined aortic root and mitral disease.


From 1987 to 2016, 118 patients (age 52.40 ± 17.71 years) underwent concomitant aortic root and mitral procedures (excluding aortic stenosis, endocarditis, and reoperations). Aortic root pathologies included degenerative aneurysm (94%) and aortic dissection (6%). The aortic valve was bicuspid in 15% of patients and had normally functioning tricuspid leaflets in 23% of patients. Marfan syndrome was present in 34 patients (29%). Degenerative mitral disease predominated (78%). Mitral procedures were repair (86%) and replacement (14%), and root procedures were valve-preserving root reimplantation (36%), Bentall procedure (47%), and homograft root replacement (17%). In the last 10 years, the combination of valve-preserving root reimplantation and mitral repair has increased to 50%. Kaplan–Meier and competing risk analyses were used to estimate survival and reoperation.


There were 2 (1.7%) operative deaths with survival of 79% and 71% at 10 and 15 years, respectively, and reoperation rates of 4.7% and 12% after 5 and 10 years, respectively. There were no operative deaths in patients with combined valve-preserving root reimplantation and mitral repair, with survival of 89% and reoperation rate of 7.8% at 10 years. Among patients with Bentall/homograft and mitral operation, survival was 73% and reoperation was 9.8% at 10 years.


In patients with aortic root and mitral pathology, combined surgical risk is low and valve durability is high. When possible, valve-preserving root reimplantation and mitral repair should be considered to avoid prosthesis degeneration, anticoagulation, and lifestyle limitations.

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