Elective primary aortic root replacement with and without hemiarch repair in patients with no previous cardiac surgery

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Objective:Excellent outcomes have been established for elective aortic root replacement (ARR). It is less clear whether extending the repair into the proximal aortic arch with hypothermic circulatory arrest increases risk. We examined the early outcomes of elective, primary ARR, with and without hemiarch replacement, in patients without previous cardiac surgery.Methods:Over a 4-year period, 140 non-redo patients (median age, 54 years) underwent elective, primary ARR for root aneurysms; 119 patients (85%) had hemiarch replacement, and 21 (15%) had only ascending aortic replacement. Valve-sparing ARR was performed in 41 cases (29.3%) and valve-replacing ARR in 99 (70.7%). Moderate hypothermic circulatory arrest and antegrade cerebral perfusion were used in 118 (99%) hemiarch repairs.Results:There were no operative deaths or permanent strokes. Complications included temporary renal dialysis (n = 1; 4.8%), transient neurologic deficit (n = 2; 9.5%), and tracheostomy (n = 2; 9.5%) after ascending aortic repair and bleeding requiring reoperation (n = 4; 3.4%), pericardial effusion requiring drainage (n = 9; 7.6%), and tracheostomy (n = 2; 1.7%) after hemiarch replacement. No stroke was observed in the hemiarch group (P = .022; univariate analysis). The extent of the repair into the proximal arch did not appear to be associated with any adverse effect.Conclusions:In non-redo patients, elective primary ARR has excellent early outcomes, regardless of whether repair extends into the proximal arch. Additional elective hemiarch replacement with moderate hypothermic circulatory arrest and antegrade cerebral perfusion has a low risk of neurologic complications and should be performed if necessary. Long-term data are needed to compare the rates of reintervention in the aortic arch in patients with or without proximal arch replacement.

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