Noncalcified Pulmonary Hamartomas: Computed Tomography Enhancement Patterns With Histologic Correlation

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The objective of this study was to correlate contrast-enhanced computed tomography images of noncalcified hamartomas with histologic specimens to find specific computed tomography enhancement patterns. Over 4 years, 30 noncalcified hamartomas were surgically resected. Enhanced computed tomography images of these hamartomas were reviewed and correlated with histologic findings. Contrast-enhancing septa were present in 24 of 30 hamartomas (80%). Five hamartomas (15%) showed a nonspecific enhancement pattern. The presence of an air bronchogram was a rare finding (5%). Comparison between computed tomography images and pathologic specimens showed that areas with less enhancement corresponded to cartilagineus tissue, and enhancing septa corresponded to loose connective tissue within the cartilagineus core. The rare finding of an air bronchogram corresponded to bronchial epithelium within cartilagineus tissue.

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