Discharge Instructions for Concussion: Are We Meeting the Patient Needs?

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Education to improve symptom management is an agreed-upon strategy to reduce the impact of symptoms on the quality of life for persons with mild traumatic brain injury. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether current discharge education practices are deemed adequate by persons treated and released from the emergency department with concussion. A review of current literature identified a need for patient education improvements in emergency departments. Strategies for improving information retention in the mild traumatic brain injury patient population for effective symptom management are identified. A concussion symptom management booklet was created using current scientific information. The concussion education booklet along with standardized postconcussion education was provided to patients with mild traumatic brain injuries who were discharged from a level I trauma center emergency department. A prospective small-scale study was performed to establish the ease of use and usefulness of the newly created concussion education booklet and determine whether patients preferred the booklet of information over the standard discharge instructions.

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