Transition to Critical Care Practice Within an Academic–Service Partnership: A Case Report of the First 3 Years of Clinical Immersion in Trauma–Burn and Neuroscience Critical Care

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In response to regulators of nursing education and the Institute of Medicine, an academic–service partnership was formed between a research-intensive school of nursing and a tertiary health care facility. In that partnership, clinical experiences occurred mostly within 1 organization. This case report showcases the development, implementation, and revisions within our capstone immersion course, designed to ease the new graduates' transition into practice, including transitions to critical care nursing. Herein, we highlight our successes and challenges of implementing the clinical component within 2 critical care units focused on trauma and neurosurgical care of complex patients. Its purpose is to describe the planning and orientation phase, illustrate the mentoring processes used to achieve the educational outcomes, and describe the benefits and challenges of such an immersion experience. Our redesigned clinical immersion course in high-acuity nursing is facilitated by our partnership and resulted in improved RN-NCLEX rates, facilitation of best practices, and ease of transition into novice graduate nurse roles.

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