Determining the Education and Research Priorities in Pediatric Trauma Nursing: A Delphi Study

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Trauma has a greater impact on morbidity and mortality than all other disease processes in the pediatric population; yet, there is a gap in the literature related to the scientific basis for educating and researching future practice. The purpose of this research study was to utilize the Delphi technique to identify the current education and research priorities for pediatric trauma nursing as described by the members of the Society of Trauma Nurses. Consensus on the education and research priorities was derived from a sample (n = 25) of trauma nursing experts. The pediatric trauma nursing education priorities are the following: (1) initial resuscitation; (2) assessment; and (3) evidence-based practice. The pediatric trauma nursing research priorities are the following: (1) impact of nursing care on outcomes; (2) initial resuscitation; and (3) critical care. Future efforts in educational program development and research study should focus on these priorities.

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