Reappearance of Bitot’s Spots after Complete Resolution in Children between 1 and 5 Years of Age

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There is limited data on proportion of Bitot’s spots (BS), which could reappear after receiving mega dose of Vitamin A (MDVA), and their complete resolution. A prospective, community-based, cohort study with 12 months follow-up was conducted among children (1–5 years) with BS at a district from North India. On diagnosis, 200 000IU of vitamin A was administered on the same day, then after 4 weeks and subsequently after 6 months. Out of 262 children with BS, 157 (59.9%, 95% CI: 54.1–65.9) children had shown resolution of BS after the MDVA supplementation. Out of 157 children, 97 (61.8%, 95% CI: 54.2–69.4) had reappearance of BS after complete resolution. Kaplan–Meir analysis found that median duration of reappearance of BS was 5 months (95% CI: 3.8–6.2) after their complete resolution. The reappearance of BS after administration of two MDVA within 12 months suggests that children with possibly adequate serum retinol level status may have reappearance of BS.

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