Minimally Invasive Treatment of Cesarean Scar and Cervical Pregnancies Using a Cervical Ripening Double Balloon Catheter: Expanding the Clinical Series

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The efficacy of treating cesarean scar pregnancies and cervical pregnancies with the Cook® cervical ripening balloon catheter, in a multicenter office-based setting is reported. Thirty-eight women were treated. Insertion of the catheter was performed under real-time ultrasound guidance. Patients received adjuvant systemic methotrexate, prophylactic oral antibiotics, and oral pain medication. Serum human chorionic gonadotropin and ultrasound scans were followed serially until resolution. Thirty-seven patients were successfully treated, requiring no further procedures. We found that the Cook cervical ripening balloon technique is a simple, effective, outpatient, minimally invasive treatment with few complications noted in this expanded series.

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