SonoGames: Effect of an Innovative Competitive Game on the Education, Perception, and Use of Point-of-Care Ultrasound

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Gamification is a powerful tool in medical education. SonoGames is a competitive games-based event designed to educate and inspire emergency medicine (EM) residents about point-of-care ultrasound. We sought to describe: (1) the perceived effectiveness of a competitive event on both immediate learning and long-term education; and (2) the resultant attitudes of participants and program directors regarding ultrasound training.


The SonoGames Organizational Committee designed 2 surveys: 1 for SonoGames V EM resident participants and a second for EM program directors. Survey questions used a 5-point Likert scale to assess overall perceptions and attitudes about ultrasound, changes in self-reported content knowledge and competency, effects on clinical use, and perceived impacts of a competitive game format on education.


Seventy-three resident participants and 42 program directors responded to the survey. Ninety-four percent of participants thought that the competitive gaming format of SonoGames was effective in making the event an educational experience. Participants reported that their ultrasound knowledge increased (81%), their enthusiasm for ultrasound increased (87%), and their clinical use of ultrasound increased (61%). Residency program directors reported similar increases to a lesser degree. Greater advancement through the event was associated with more positive responses. Residencies that participated in the event saw greater increases in the use of ultrasound by residents than those that did not.


A competitive games-based educational event focused on point-of-care ultrasound is an effective educational tool. SonoGames increases EM residents' knowledge, enthusiasm, and clinical use of ultrasound both during and after the event.

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