Evoked Cavernous Activity: Normal Values

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We present normative data for evoked cavernous activity, an electrodiagnostic test that evaluates the autonomic innervation of the corpora cavernosa.

Materials and Methods:

We enrolled 37 healthy, sexually active and potent men for the study. Each subject completed an International Index of Erectile Function questionnaire, and underwent simultaneous evoked cavernous activity and hand and foot sympathetic skin response testing. The sympathetic skin response tests were performed as autonomic controls.


A total of 36 men had discernible evoked cavernous activity and sympathetic skin responses. The mean International Index of Erectile Function erectile domain score was 27. Evoked cavernous activity is a low frequency wave that is morphologically and temporally similar in both corpora. The amplitudes of the responses were highly variable. The latencies, although variable, always occurred after the hand sympathetic skin response. There was no change in the quality or the latency of the evoked cavernous activity with age.


Evoked cavernous activity is measurable in healthy, potent men in a wide range of ages. Similar to other evoked responses of the autonomic nervous system, the measured waveform is highly variable but its presence is consistent. The association between evoked cavernous activity and erectile function is to be determined.

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