Mixed Incontinence Masked as Stress Induced Urgency Urinary Incontinence

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Purpose:We sought to understand variations in the expression and temporal relation of bladder control episodes among women with mixed urinary incontinence.Materials and Methods:A random sample of women 40 years old or older with mixed urinary incontinence on GLOBE-UI (General Longitudinal Overactive Bladder Evaluation-Urinary Incontinence) was recruited in a digital daily diary study using a smartphone application. When a bladder control event occurred, women were instructed to answer episode specific questions. Episodes were defined as urgency, and urinary incontinence with and urinary incontinence without urgency. Women and episodes were compared by the type of activity preceding each episode. Urinary incontinence episodes were further defined as stress urinary incontinence, urgency urinary incontinence, stress induced urgency urinary incontinence and other. The chi-square and Wilcoxon tests were used for categorical and continuous variables, respectively.Results:Of 40 women with a mean age of 65.5 years 35 provided complete 30-day diary data. Of the 950 bladder control episodes reported 25% were urgency only, 55% were urinary incontinence with urgency and 19% were urinary incontinence without urgency. Of the urinary incontinence episodes without urgency 82% occurred after a stress activity (eg coughing or sneezing). Notably, a stress activity also occurred just before 52.5% of the urgency urinary incontinence episodes (p <0.001). A total of 24 women (69%) reported at least 1 episode of stress induced urgency urinary incontinence, which was the most prevalent urinary incontinence subtype episode, followed by urgency urinary incontinence and stress urinary incontinence (29% vs 27% and 16%, respectively). The mean number of daily episodes was 1 or 2 across all groups.Conclusions:Women with mixed urinary incontinence express a heterogeneous set of bladder control episodes with stress induced urgency urinary incontinence as the dominant type.

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