Reconstruction of Penile Shaft Defects Following Silicone Injection by Bipedicled Anterior Scrotal Flap

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Numerous causalities, including attempts at penile augmentation with silicone or paraffin, can lead to extensive circular penile shaft defects. Reconstruction is challenging and skin grafting is a suboptimal option despite its widespread use. We present a surgical technique for penile shaft reconstruction with a bipedicled anterior scrotal flap.

Materials and Methods:

A retrospective data analysis was performed of patients treated for symptomatic penile siliconomas who underwent subsequent penile reconstruction with a bipedicled anterior scrotal flap between 2010 and 2015. The surgical technique is described and depicted in detail.


A total of 43 men were treated with radical circular excision of penile siliconomas and extensive shaft defects were reconstructed with a bipedicled anterior scrotal flap. Mean ± SD age was 36.95 ± 11.27 years, mean followup duration was 10.69 ± 9.54 months and mean operative time was 2.53 ± 0.46 hours. The operation proved uneventful in all cases. Only minor complications were observed, such as partial necrosis in 9% of patients, hematoma of the donor site in 12% and partial wound disruption in 19%. The mean patient satisfaction score was 4.37 on a scale of 1 to 5. All patients reported postoperative erection ability and the ability to achieve sexual intercourse.


We present a surgical technique to reconstruct extensive penile shaft defects with an axial scrotal flap, which provides well vascularized coverage with comparable donor skin quality and thickness. The results are associated with minor donor site morbidity, good functional and aesthetic outcomes, and high patient satisfaction.

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