Use of a Novel Mechanical Rinsing and Aspiration Thrombectomy Device for Treatment of Deep Venous and Arteriovenous Graft Thrombosis

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The KPS Rinspirator (Kerberos Proximal Solutions, Cupertino, Calif.) is a new thrombectomy device that operates by manually controlled, simultaneous, intravessel infusion and aspiration of fluid to cause localized clot dissolution. We evaluate the ability of the KPS Rinspirator to treat acute (<3 days) and subacute (3–7 days) deep venous and arteriovenous graft thrombosis in 4 patients and 13 vessels (2 arteriovenous grafts and 11 deep veins). Technical and clinical success was achieved in the two patients with acute arteriovenous graft thromboses. Therefore, in our experience, successful “rinspiration” was achieved in acute thrombosis of arteriovenous grafts.

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