Carbon Dioxide Contrast Enhancement for C-Arm CT Utility for Treatment Planning during Hepatic Embolization Procedures

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A pilot study was performed to evaluate the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a contrast medium for C-arm computed tomography (CT). C-arm CT using CO2 was performed during embolization procedures in12 patients with hepatic malignancies and severe iodine allergy or high risk for nephrotoxicity. C-arm CT using gadolinium or iodinated contrast medium was performed for comparison. Of segmental arteries identified by conventional contrast enhancement, 96% were also seen with CO2 enhancement, but subsegmental arteries were not reliably depicted. CO2 enhancement identified 60% of tumors. Small, hypovascular, and infiltrative tumors were difficult to detect. CO2 is a promising alternative intraarterial contrast agent for C-arm CT.

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