Reconfigurable Coprocessor for Multimedia Application Domain

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A new reconfigurable architectural template is presented. Such a template is composed of coarse-grained and fine-grained reconfigurable datapath and control to obtain performances at custom designed chip level. To show the adaptability/performance of such architectural template, the architecture has been customized (i.e. datapath and control features of the template have been properly sized) for multimedia application domain. To evaluate complexity and maximum clock frequency of the proposed architecture, it has been synthesized using Synopsys Design Compiler on a standard-cell 0.18 μm technology. Estimated number of transistors is 335 K, while maximum allowable frequency is 460 MHz. Performances have been evaluated comparing the number of clock cycles and the processing time required to process application domain dominant kernels with commercial devices: we obtained up to 95% reduction with respect to ARM and up to 94% reduction with respect to TMS320C5510 in terms of clock cycles.

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