Endovascular conversion with femorofemoral bypass as a treatment of endotension and aneurysm sac enlargement

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We report a case of a patient treated with a Gore Excluder endograft for AAA in November 2003 with subsequent aneurysm sac enlargement in the absence of an identified endoleak. The patient had a Type I endoleak treated with a Palmaz stent at the neck and later developed a Type II endoleak treated with translumbar coil embolization. This was successful with absence of pressure in the sac after the procedure and stable aneurysm size over the next nine months. Surveillance of the patient with both CT and ultrasound then revealed an increase in the aortic sac diameter in the absence of endoleak. A Cook Zenith converter was used to reline this PTFE endograft. Subsequently, imaging showed aneurysm sac shrinkage. This is a report of endotension with aneurysm expansion following Gore Excluder placement which was treated successfully with a dacron endograft.

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