Endovascular repair of stent graft collapse by stent-protected angioplasty using a femoral-brachial guidewire

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This report aims to describe an effective endovascular technique to repair a stent graft collapse in the distal aortic arch. We report a case of a stent graft collapse after off-label endovascular treatment of a traumatic aortic transection using a Gore TAG endoprosthesis (oversizing 12%). The collapse was treated by off-label stent-protected angioplasty (Palmaz stent, Cordis, Miami, Fla) over a stiff guidewire, which was passed from the right femoral artery through the collapsed stent graft and out at the right brachial artery. We believe that this technique enables more precise stent deployment and is safer than the regular guidewire position in the ascending aorta.

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